Subaru Pledges to Give Back to the National Park Service

2016 marks the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. For a century, the National Park Service has worked tirelessly to ensure that some of the most beautiful places in the country are properly preserved. Keeping our country beautiful is a mission that is important to Subaru as well. That is why Subaru has pledged to give back to the National Park Service.

According to a news report from The News Wheel, Subaru is fulfilling its pledge through a number of different initiatives. For starters, Subaru helped the National Park Service to present its National Parks Adventure film in IMAX® theaters across the country. This movie celebrates the various national parks that exist in our country.

Subaru also helped the National Park Service to host a series of virtual field trips for students across the country as well.

For its latest project, Subaru teamed up with Chimani, a company that specializes in app creation, to help develop 59 specialized app-based mobile maps for the 59 National Parks across the country.

“We’re extremely excited to release the remaining national park apps,” said Kerry Gallivan, CEO and cofounder of Chimani. “Our tremendous partners at Subaru have led the way for waste reduction in parks, and by replacing paper travel guides, Chimani will help them accomplish this goal.”

The National Park Service has helped to do so much for our country over the last 100 years, so Subaru is more than willing to lend a helping hand!

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