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There’s lot of things to love about owning a Subaru, and all the fun tech features is one of them. And Luckily for 2017 Impreza and BRZ owners, they’re in for some new improvements from Subaru, with new Subaru Starlink apps.

Subaru Starlink apps added

The infotainment is stepping it up with eight all-new apps. For those Subaru owners who are constantly going somewhere new, the new Magellan NAVI app will help get you there. It uses advanced cloud-based mapping, which basically makes sure that it’s never outdated and will always lead you to the right place.

For nature-lovers, the new eBird app is a fun addition. It’s created by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, which has a database of millions of birds. eBird can lead you directly to the birds with built-in navigation, and give you tips on sighting them.

New apps like Best Parking and YELP are perfect to use on a night out. Best Parking finds you good parking spots and rates near you and YELP can give you instant reviews of restaurants, bars, or basically any business you’re going to.

The additions also include RightTrack, which can help improve your driving habits, Glympse, which allows you to share your location with others, a reference guide to your car, and an events app where you can find info on local events.

Check them all of the new Subaru StarLink apps on a new Impreza or BRZ!

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