Free Things to Do in Milwaukee

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beach chairs - free things to do in Milwaukee, WI

Looking for free things to do in Milwaukee? There’s a variety of different activities for people of all different tastes and lifestyles to enjoy.


The Riverwalk

What’s better than enjoying an afternoon of strolling alongside the Milwaukee River downtown? Stop and take a selfie with the bronze statue of the Fonz, too.

Mitchell Park Domes

Every Monday before noon, the park domes are free to residents. Three different domes await you – a seasonal dome, a tropical dome, and a desert zone.

Outdoor Summer Concert

Free outdoor music is available to you at weekly all-summer-long events like Jazz in the Park and Chill on the Hill.

Swing Park

Though not officially recognized as a park, “Swing Park” is an area directly under Holton St. Bridge where residents installed a number of tire swings guerilla-style and is now used as a community space.

Bradford Beach

Hit the sandy coastline for a day on the beach, cooling off from the summer heat. Lay out a towel, bring your boogie board, and catch some rays.

Urban Ecology Center

Want to learn more about sustainable food, local wildlife, and other helpful facts about the natural world? Just head to one of three ecology centers in the city!


Explore all the free things to do in Milwaukee by sampling everything the city has to offer.

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